Documentation Integration

About Statuspage is an incident reporting service that can be used to display the status of your servers, as well as send incident reports via SMS or email to subscribers of your status page.

NodePing can send event information to via our webhook functionality so StatusPage can display when there is an outage. You can create a contact with our webhook template and associate it with your desired Nodeping checks and StatusPage component.

Like all of the types of notifications supported by Nodeping, StatusPage notifications consist of two components: An "address" setting in Contacts, and a notification setting that applies that contact information to your checks.

Setup Steps

First, you will need these three items that are provided by

  1. Your API key.
  2. Your Page ID.
  3. Your desired Component ID.

To get the API key and Page ID, first go to your account settings by clicking Manage Account in the dropdown menu at Then go to the API tab to get the API key and Page ID.

statuspage api page

Finally, you will need to get the Component ID for your chosen component. To do this, go to the Components tab, find the Component you want to use and click the edit button. On the next page, you will see the Component ID in the URL in your browser.

statuspage component id

With those three pieces of information, visit the Contacts section in NodePing and chen click the Add new contact button.

add new contact

Creating the Contact

  1. Enter the name for the contact.
  2. Click the contact type dropdown and select Webhook.
  3. In the Preset Services dropdown menu, select the template and click 'Apply Template'.
  4. In the address bar fill in the appropriate PageID field and ComponentID parts with the information you got from
  5. Select the Headers tab and replace "[YOUR STATUSPAGE API TOKEN]" with your API token from
  6. Click the save button
create statuspage contact

With the data entered properly, you can now assign your newly created contact to the checks you want associated with and you can begin to use your NodePing checks with StatusPage.

If you have any questions, get in touch at, or use our Contact form.