NodePing On-Premise Solutions

Monitoring servers behind your firewalls can be a fight. NodePing has two solutions to take the sting out of on-premise uptime monitoring. "Custom regions" run regular NodePing checks from probes on your networks and "PUSH checks" allow you to run the monitoring directly on your servers with the results pushed into the NodePing system. Together, they're the right-left knockout punch for monitoring internal services and devices.

Custom Regions

NodePing uses "regions" to group our probes from which we run checks, so that you can (for example) specify "North America" or "Europe" as the region you want your check to run from. However, the public regions require the services being monitored to be accessible from public IP addresses. Custom regions with your own private monitoring probes allow you to assign your NodePing checks to a region that runs inside your network firewalls and is only available to your account. Each custom region requires at least 2 probes so our system can verify check failures, reducing the chances of false positives for issues with the probes themselves.

Your custom regions will show up in the check configuration "Regions:" dropdown and can be selected for any checks on your account to allow you to monitor uptime on your internal IPs and services. You can name your custom regions whatever you like (e.g. "Dallas Office" or "UK Datacenter")

The probes are fully managed by NodePing and can be either hardware or virtual machines provided by you or we can ship hardware for you to install in your network. To set up custom regions, please contact support.

PUSH checks

NodePing PUSH checks allow you to send heartbeats and metrics directly from your servers behind your firewalls to NodePing. You can track all kinds of information like CPU load or get alerts before you run out of disk space.

When using PUSH checks, our public probes are bypassed and your internal servers push the results to NodePing directly. It's a simple HTTP POST so you can use your own scripts or one of our many PUSH clients for Linux and Windows to send heartbeats and metrics.

Simple heartbeat monitoring will send alerts if your server stops sending in results. This can be used to get notifications if a server or process goes offline or if your internal network loses internet connectivity.

You can also use PUSH checks to track and receive notifications on all kinds of system metrics. You can send us a data payload and NodePing will parse it to see if the metrics are missing or are outside your configured range for the fields you've chosen to track. You can track and alert on pretty much any metric you can get from your system (e.g. CPU usage, free memory, disk space).

If you have any questions, get in touch at, or use our Contact form.